How to import syntax using the JSON Tool

The new JSON import tools allows you to quickly update your documentation without the need to update each syntax element one by one while keeping all your documentation in your code.

Before Starting

Your addon must be using the Skript Documentation Patterns (Tutorial here). This means that your documentation is now in your code.

How does this work/how do I use this?

Your JSON will be generated using the latest version of Skript Hub Docs Tool.

Make to start your local development server with all the additional plugins required to enable all your syntax. Skript must load all your syntax for the Skript Hub Docs Tool to generate all of your documentation.

Follow the steps here to generate your documentation.

Navigate to your dashboard select your addon from the left tool bar and then select the JSON Syntax Import button.

Now select your addon and paste in the JSON, you should now see a preview of what will be done.

Please note that the preview will only be able to check and compare the Title, Description, Syntax Patterns and Since Version. Other changes to things such as the return type will happen, however it will not be shown in the preview. This tool is also unable to import Supporting Plugins for Syntax items. Those will need to be added manually to the syntax elements, but will not be adjusted upon future updates.

Since the tool is in beta, if the preview window does not update upon changing addon selection, adjust some of the text in the JSON filed to get an updated preview.

Now just click "Do it!" and within a few seconds your syntax will have been imported.

If you have any issues or questions about this tool please do not hesitate to contact us through our support portal.