How to get your addon onto Skript Hub

Skript Hub is a great way to give your users fast and easy access to your addons documentation with minimal maintenance. Hosting your documentation on Skript Hub will also generate exposure for your addon on the most stable and innovative Skript documentation platform.

In most cases we can help move over all your documentation if you are using another service to host your documentation.

Addon Requirements

  • Must be publicly available and downloadable
  • Commitment from the addons author to keep documentation up to date

Steps to submit your addon for approval

Make an account on Skript Hub here.

Then make a ticket in our issue tracker with the following format.

Title: New Addon

Skript Hub Username: <username>
Addon name: <name>
link to addon: <valid link to addon>

If everything looks good we will give you an addon dev account and close the issue.

If you do want us to migrate your documentation we will contact you over discord/email or in the github issue to discuss the best possible migration path.